Areas Helped

These are just a few areas that can be helped with TTouch and TTeam, however, there are many more. If you think that your pet may benefit from this gentle and relaxing therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice or an appointment.

  • fear of the vet
  • handling issues
  • dislike of grooming
  • nervousness/anxiety
  • stress/tension
  • excessive behaviour
  • fear of thunder/fireworks
  • lack of balance
  • gait irregularities
  • poor performance
  • pulling
  • stiffness or stumbling
  • training difficulties
  • tacking up issues
  • aggression
  • excitability
  • travel issues (boxing/car travel)
  • biting
  • kicking
  • feather plucking
  • jealousy
  • over grooming
  • pacing
  • vices
  • reluctance to socialise
  • separation anxiety
  • bucking/rearing
  • lameness
  • effects of old age
  • recovery from illness/surgery
  • shyness
  • farrier issues

Please Note

Whilst TTouch and TTeam benefit animals suffering from illness, injury and old age, they are complimentary therapies and should not be used instead of veterinary care. If you are worried that your pet has a medical condition you must always consult a veterinarian.