TTouch & TTeam

TTouch was developed by the internationally acclaimed animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones. It is a gentle approach to the care and training of companion animals, farm animals, exotics and wildlife. that has positive effects on all areas of training, performance, behaviour and health.

TTouch helps animals become more balanced physically, emotionally and mentally by the use of a combination of specialised touches, lifts and movement exercises, sometimes using specific harnesses and other equipment. This in turn helps them to build a greater sense of self awareness, self control and self confidence which means the animal is less fearful and better equipped to cope and more receptive to new and appropriate behaviour.

Even the most difficult problems are greatly improved, if not eliminated, by releasing tension and increasing body awareness by this holistic method.

TTeam is the Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Method. It is the equine equivalent of TTouch and is an holistic way of training, healing and overcoming common resistance in horses and other equines effecting the body, mind and spirit.

They also benefit from a deeper rapport with their rider/handler because of improved understanding and more effective communication.

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